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Opening hours today
torsdag 10-20
Opening hours today
torsdag 10-20

Smarter parking in Nordstan


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Hotel parking


P-hus Nordstan – Always open. Always spaces.

In central Gothenburg – close to attractions and shopping.

Parking is free of charge Mon-Sat 6 pm to 10 pm.

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A whole day’s parking for only 180 sek

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Parking is free of charge on Sundays (jan-nov) 9 am to 10 pm.

Spannmålsgatan 20

Find Nordstans parking

This is how it works

The bars will be removed, and cameras will scan your licence plate when you enter and exit. The system keeps track of how long you park and if you have a parking permit connected to your car. No physical ticket or parking disc is needed.

Terms and conditions can be found at www.parkman.nu.

Pictures and storage of licence plates are saved for 90 days.


Pay in one of the following ways

(Does not apply if you have a 24-hour, monthly or subscription permit)

Pay by credit or debit card after your visit.

Register your card at nordstan.se/parking, under “Pay for parking”. The parking fee will be withdrawn automatically.

Pay within 48 hours at nordstan.se/parking.

Will be sent to the owner of the vehicle if none of the above choices
are made. An additional invoicing fee of 30 SEK will be added.

For further information please contact custom services at:

08-734 90 00



24-hour parking permits and monthly parking permits

Pay through Klarna and their payment options


24-hour parking

24-hour permits can be purchased at a lower price if you buy at least 20 permits (check pricelist).
Köpet görs via vår webbshoppen.

For each ordered 24-hour permit you will receive an email with a QR code. The QR code must be activated in a pay station before you exit the first time.  Enter the licence plate number and scan the QR code. You will now be able to re-enter the parking house multiple times during 24 hours from your first entry.

The 24-hour permits must be used within one year from the date of purchase. Expired permits are non-refundable.


Monthly parking

Purchased through our web shop.

Choose a monthly permit valid Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday (check price list).

The permit is valid 30 days from the selected starting date.


Monthly parking, conditions (PDF)


Subscription Permits

Order by clicking Permits for the different subscription types.

Validity according to agreement. Cancelation notice must be given no later than one month before the end of the quarter. If notice is not given in time, the contract period will be extended by an additional quarter. You will be billed per quarter in advance.

The user of the subscription permit receives an email with a link where you register your licence plate number. If the car is already registered with Parkman and autopay.io, it is important that you use the same email address linked to the car. You can put in several cars with the same conditions, you can also change cars and add new licence plate numbers. If one of the cars registered is already parked, the regular hourly rate applies to the next car.

Invoices can be sent as PDF files, e-invoices, or paper invoices. An additional invoicing fee of 30 SEK is added to paper invoices. If you currently receive a paper invoice and want to avoid the fee, please sign up for a PDF or e-invoice in the future. This can be done via email to faktura@nordstan.se.  Enclose a customer or organization number as well as the connected e-mail address for PDF invoices, or the Global Location Number (GLN) for e-invoices. Also state if the invoice should be marked with something.


Subscription Permits, terms and conditions


Opening hours

Always open, always spaces.

Entrance from
Spannmålsgatan 20


P-service helps with questions about ticket purchases and season tickets. Single daily and monthly tickets can also be purchased from the pay station.

P-service opening hours:
Weekdays 10.00–20.00
Saturdays 10.00–18.00
Closed Sundays

Telephone: +46 31 700 86 85
Email: p-service@nordstan.se

P-service is part of the service office on car park level 4.


Service office

Opening hours:
Always open, always staffed.

Car park level 4.

Free parking

January–November: Mon–Sat 18–22, Sunday 9–22 (shopping until 20.00).

December: Mon–Sat 18–22 (shopping until 20.00).

Disabled parking

We work hard to ensure that our parking facilities are made easily accessible to all visitors. There are eight parking spaces on level 2.

Electric car charging

There are charging bays on following level:
Level 3: 23 each
Level 4: 23 each
Level 5: 25 each

Useful information

If you have questions regarding day, monthly or season tickets, please contact P-service at +46 31 700 86 85 or p-service@nordstan.se.

Nordstan multi-storey car park has 2,700 parking spaces on 9 levels. Maximum vehicle height is 2.10 m.


Nordstan multi-storey car park has a programme for the internal and external environments. The programme’s P-in system posts information about available parking spaces. It is a collaboration between multiple parking companies that use dynamic message signs to guide motorists to vacant parking spaces. By giving motorists a clear picture of the parking situation in Gothenburg when they enter the city, the signs improve traffic flow and reduce traffic searching for parking.

After the shopping centre closes

There is an entrance to the parking garage on Kanaltorgsgatan which is open round-the-clock. There are also lifts.