Opening hours today
tisdag 10-19
Opening hours today
tisdag 10-19

Nordstan follows the authorities' recommendations and decisions regarding the corona virus.

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  • Does free Sunday parking 09.00–22.00 apply to all public holidays?

    No. Free Sunday parking only applies to Sundays, January-November.

  • I didn't get a ticket when I entered using my debit card? Don't I need one?

    No, the time is registered on your card so when you use it at the exit, you will be charged for the time you have been here.

  • If I enter using my debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.), do I need to go to a payment machine or can I pay by debit card when I drive my car to the exit?

    You can pay with your card when you reach the exit barrier.

  • Once I have paid, how long do I have before I have to leave?

    10 minutes.

  • I entered using a debit card but have no code; what do I do?

    You can pay small amounts without a code. However, you may still require a code sometimes. Insert your card in the exit ticket machine. If it demands a code, withdraw your card again. The machine will ask if you want to pay with a different card. Press OK and insert the other card. If you are unable to pay with another card, contact our service office on level 4 in the multi-story car park.

  • I bought a ticket in the hotel; how do I use it?

    Insert the ticket at the entrance to validate it. If you have already driven in and taken an entry ticket, insert this first and then the hotel ticket immediately after. If you've entered using your debit card, go to P-service and we will charge your card manually and validate the hotel ticket.

  • I can't find my ticket, what do I do now?

    Contact P-service in case of loss. A loss ticket costs SEK 50 + the normal price.

  • How long is Nordstan car park open?


  • I want to pay by debit card, what do I do?

    Insert your ticket in the left reader and your debit card in the right. Follow the instructions on the display.

  • I cannot exit using the same card I entered with, why?

    Insufficient funds, difficulty reading the card or the card cannot contact the bank. Insert the card, pull it out again, press 'Select another product' and insert another card. Or use the same procedure in a pay station if you prefer to pay with cash.

  • I have no card, how do I pay?

    Using cash in a payment machine.