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Öffnungszeiten heute
måndag 10-20
Öffnungszeiten heute
måndag 10-20


Nordstan erstreckt sich über mehrere Grundstücke mit einer Fläche von insgesamt 317.000 m². 70.000 m² davon bestehen aus Geschäften und Restaurants, die jährlich an die 30 Millionen Besucher verzeichnen. An jedem Tag arbeiten ca. 6.000 Personen im Nordstan. Nordstans zentrale Lage in Kombination mit seiner Größe macht es zu einem natürlichen Treffpunkt im Herzen von Göteborg und zu einem wichtigen Teil des Göteborg-Erlebnisses, das Besucher aus Göteborg und aus anderen Teilen Schwedens sowie aus dem Rest der Welt anzieht.


Das Nordstan Parkhaus ist immer geöffnet und Sie finden immer einen Parkplatz. Für Geschäftskunden sind monatliche Mietverträge verfügbar. Erfahren Sie hier mehr.


Montag bis Freitag von 10.00 Uhr bis 20.00 Uhr
Samstag und Sonntag von 10.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr

Alternative Öffnungszeiten


SE-411 05 Göteborg
+46 (0)31 7008660


Nordstans Marknadsledning
Götgatan 10
SE-411 05 Göteborg
E-Mail: info@nordstan.se
Telefon: +46 (0)31 7008650

Establish your company in Nordstan, Sweden's most visited shopping centre

There is a great deal of interest in renting premises in Nordstan. Are you considering opening your business in Nordstan? Send us your details and we will contact you if your business fits with our future plans.

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    Nordstan's properties

    Nordstan consists of several properties with different owners:


    Vasakronan AB


    Vasakronan AB


    F O Peterson & Söner Byggnads AB and
    Gösta Andersson Byggnadsfirma AB


    Hufvudstaden AB


    Hufvudstaden AB


    Vasakronan AB


    Nordstans Samfällighetsförening


    Castellum Väst AB

    Welcome to Sweden's best exhibition space

    180 events and exhibitions are organised every year in our different exhibition spaces. Together they amount to 637 m² of Nordstan’s public space, which is visited by around 100,000 people every day. No other place in Gothenburg attracts as many visitors, or such a broad target group. You can reach people of all ages, with different interests and needs.

    You have almost unlimited opportunities, when you choose to be visible I Nordstan. If you plan to work with a traditional stand solution, of course that’s fine, but if you like, we can help you think outside the box. We have a number of alternatives for marketing and organizing both small and large events, both in and outdoors. Below you can download more information about our different spaces.

    Booking exhibition space

    Telephone: +46(0)31 700 86 50
    Email: expo@nordstan.se

    Vehicle entry

    All assembly and dismantling should take place outside shop opening hours.
    All entry normally takes place via the gate at Spannmålsgatan 16.
    Gate dimensions: Height 3.70 m, width 3.30 m
    Total vehicle weight: Two-axle vehicle max. 12 tonnes, three-axle vehicle max. 16 tonnes
    Higher loads may be permitted by agreement in exceptional cases. Telephone: +46 (0)31 700 86 00


    Goods deliveries and transports to Nordstan

    Postal addresses for Nordstan’s companies

    For delivery of shipments below 2 kg and in the form of letters or small packets, these can be sent direct to the relevant shop.

    Delivery address

    For delivery of shipments below 2 kg and in the form of letters or small packets, these can be sent direct to the relevant shop.

    Goods address, Lastgatan (loading tunnel) entrance. NOTE! Not a postal address:

    Södra Sjöfarten 1
    Unique postcode: SE-411 90 Gothenburg
    57°41′29.589″N, 11°54′26.49″E


    Signage, loading bay

    Nordstan’s loading tunnel is around 1.2 km long and has many loading bays and delivery places. To make it easier for suppliers and companies to find their way, an orientation system has been developed and installed in the loading tunnel. An orientation board is available for delivery drivers at the entrance. Two large orientation boards are available at the loading tunnel.
    The loading tunnel is divided into loading areas which are numbered and divided into coloured blocks; e.g. blue loading area bay space 5:16.

    Transports to Nordstan’s event venues

    Goods deliveries to Nordstan should primarily take place via Spannmålsgatan 16, 411 05 Gothenburg. Delivery hours: Mon–Fri, 05.30–09.30, 20.00–24.00; Sat–Sun, 05.30–09.30, 18.00–24.00. Contact Securitas/Centralservice +46 (0) 31 700 86 06. 57°42′33.519″N, 11°58′5.903″E

    NOTE! You may not drive long vehicles (>10m) within the Vallgraven and Västra Nordstaden areas of the city centre.
    This applies every day of the week, 24 hours a day, with the exception of 06.00-08.00. You can find more information in Swedish on the City of Gothenburg website, goteborg.se. Search for „Långa fordon“.

    Nordstan history

    The name Nordstan comes from the fact that the shopping centre is built on what was once the eastern part of the Nordstaden („North Town“) area of Gothenburg, in the northern part of the original city within the moat. By the 1960s, this area of buildings from the 1800s had become extremely run down. A number of construction companies and major banks decided to come together to purchase the 90 properties in the area and to begin what was then the biggest improvement project in Sweden. In 1967, construction began and in 1972 the majority of the area was complete.

    The shopping centre was initially called Östra Nordstan, but over time the name has been shortened to simply Nordstan. Several of the original street names have been retained.

    Nordstadstorget was created and Norra Larmgatan and Lilla Klädpressaregatan were removed when the shopping centre was built. Lilla Klädpressaregatan returned in 1986 when the bottom level of the car park was converted into business space.